How To: Self Audit Your Website in 3 Steps and 30 Seconds

How To: Self Audit Your Website in 3 Steps and 30 Seconds

By Florin Ilie |
Dec, 25 2019

Are you seeing the conversions you want on your website? Or traffic? Are your bounce rates too high? Your website could be a problem. Here's how to self-audit your website performance using Google Chrome. 

Step 1: In Google Chrome, open up the website you wish to audit. 

Don't have Google Chrome? You can download it here.

Step 2: Open Up Developer Tools

From the menu, select View, then slide down to Developer, then Developer Tools.

Step 3: Run a Website Audit

Find the Audit menu in the developer tools, select the options you wish to run an audit for, and click "Run audits"! 

View Your Results

Once your audit is complete, you can view the results right in the developer tools side bar. Some things to note: the performance can be affected by your internet connection speed. It's smart to run the audit on both Mobile and Desktop options, as a good portion of users use their phones and tablets to search the internet. 

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