Free Resources to Keep Your Kids Busy

Free Resources to Keep Your Kids Busy

By Sara Bristoll |
Mar, 17 2020

Schools are closed. Health organizations are asking us not to go to playgrounds or our favorite entertainment venues. We’re being urged to stay home with our kids to keep from adding to the spread of this virus. However old your child is, this poses a problem to many of us. How do we keep our kids from getting cabin fever? Because, let’s be honest, Netflix and Disney+ can only keep us sane for so long. 

We’ve rounded up some educational resources to keep your kids distracted AND learning:

  • Scholastic Learn at Home: 20 days of free activities for PreK to 9th Grade. Kids can pick and choose when to do them and in what order. There is a 3 hour daily time limit. 

  • ABC Mouse: There is a FREE 30-day trial on their site. Or, many officials are enrolling their school districts - which gives them a district-specific code to share with their students for free access. Great for ages 2 to 8 years. 

  • International Children’s Digital Library: Access to digital children’s books from all over the world. They have books for kids ages 3 to 13 years, so you can give your kids new reading materials without venturing to the store (plus most libraries are closed right now). 

  • Museums: Many museums like the Smithsonian, Field Museum or Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are publishing lesson plans and free content for kids of all ages. Pick your kids favorite topic or maybe a different museum to focus on each week and go through these together - like you’re on a virtual field trip!

  • Junior Park Ranger: Your kids can explore the national parks right from your home, and even earn a Junior Park Ranger badge! 

  • YouTube: While it’s easy to get lost with all of the video options and channels on YouTube, this list gives you 21 highly recommended educational channels for kids of all ages! 

  • Homeschool Resource Packs: Packaged by topic and grade level, these printables will keep your kiddos busy and learning while they're out of school.

  • Ted-Ed: Short animated videos to inspire kids and spark their curiosity, brought to you by TED talks.  

  • Time for Kids: Covers history, science, current events - all ready for kids to digest. 

How are you keeping your kids busy?

If you’re working remote, like many of our team, set up your kid to run through their “school work” next to you while you do your “work work.” Your kids can see how dedicated you are and hopefully be inspired to put that energy into learning. 

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